About Z Art Group

Z Art Group is a team of creative people working together to provide high quality, custom-designed art products for wholesale clients. Z Art formed when a long-established framed art supplier closed its doors in 2008. Since then, we have worked together under the name Z Art, with the “Z” honoring my son’s first name.

While our team members’ skill sets are diverse—ranging from those who can match clients’ requests with perfect design solutions, to those who can build and assemble vision into reality—we work together to provide a full-solution art delivery service.

We have vendors that support our efforts just as you do, and we all believe that timely customer service and support is what differentiates the good vendors from the superior ones. What makes us proudest about Z Art Group is the confidence that we have that everyone in the group will give that superior support in providing creative ideas, helping the designer client adhere to budget constraints, and in providing build-and-delivery solutions that ensure timely project completion.

We encourage you to examine the collections showcased on our site. These pieces have a proven track record in the marketplace, and some may work well for you. But we build what the designer client requires. Z Art Group is a custom solution provider. Clients can give us a project based on color, theme, size and projected budget, and we’ll find the right solution. If you’ve had a project that just didn’t live up to your expectations when completed, send us the parameters to see if we could help. If you have a project now that has you scratching your head for a suitable solution, we’ll jump right in to help.

Moreover, we respect and appreciate your business.

Thank you.
J. Wade Whelchel

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